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Interested in helping?

There are several ways in which to help Hope Pregnancy Care Center:

  • Donate new or gently used items to Hope Chest Thrift Store where all net proceeds go to Hope Pregnancy Care Center. For more information, contact (435) 674-5325
  • Volunteer! To find out if we are currently in need of volunteers, please call our business line at (435) 656-5331
  • Financial assistance is always needed and appreciated
    - Text giving (Click Here for more information on text giving)
    - EFT recurring monthly giving (Contact HPCC)
    - Online giving using a Mobile Device 
    - Online giving using PayPal
    - Baby bottle donations (Bottles are available at HPCC)
    - You may also drop off or mail in your donation to HPCC at 391 E. 500 S. ~ St. George, UT 84770

Hope Pregnancy Center takes donor privacy very seriously. We will not sell, trade, or share a donor's personal information whether received online or in any other manner, to any other entity without prior written approval from the donor.

What is the maximum amount I can give? You can give any amount you want. The maximum limit depends on how much your bank will allow you to put on your card. You can also setup recurring pledges as well.  

All financial gifts to Hope are tax deductible.

There is a new way to give a one-time or recurring gift to HPCC as we now have text giving available!Important Note: Please make sure that your phone plan does not block SMS messages or short code phone numbers in order to register seamlessly and receive confirmation texts.

Register and How to Give? Just text Text 'HPCC' to 444999 to receive a personal giving shortcode. Add this new shortcode to your contact list, so you can 'Give' at anytime, 'Update' your card information or 'Stop' (i.e. Opt-out) of the text giving plan.  Once you have received your personal giving shortcode, Text 'Give' to that shortcode to support Hope. You can also Text 'Give 100' or any amount to automatically give without extra text prompts.  When text giving is complete, you will receive a receipt for the gift via text message.  Click Here if you don't have a Smartphone or wish to give via our Web giving service.

Are the keywords important or can I just text anything to the shortcode? The keywords are important since they indicate where the donation or payments are going, so be accurate when you text and watch the prompts. By texting the word 'Give' to your personal shortcode, you'll receive a reply text including a list of the fund names to which you can donate (e.g. General Giving, Walk Pledge, etc...). Once you receive the donation list, you can text the desired giving amount plus the specific fund name in order to give directly to that cause. For example, if you're excited and want to give to the Steps for Walk, you would then be able to text “20 Walk Pledge” to give directly to that cause without the extra prompts.

Which kind of debit or credit card can I use? Visa, MasterCard, AMX, and Discover are accepted.

Is the amount added to the phone bill? No, the amount is not added to your phone bill, but is deducted from your debit or credit card.

How secure is this? Our texting plan uses the Stripe merchant that is PCI Security Certified, and there is no data whatsoever stored on your phone. PCI is the industry security standard for credit and debit card statements, and includes a rigorous periodic security testing and audit of the entire system. For more information, see the following link:

What is the maximum amount I can give? You can give any amount you want. The maximum limit depends on how much your bank will allow you to put on your card. You can also setup reoccurring pledges as well.

Will I be charged per text message? The cost of sending and receiving the text message is determined by your cell phone provider. It normally is the same as sending a text message to your friend.

What are the requirements? The system works with any mobile phone with SMS or texting ability. You do need to have a phone plan that allows texting. Also, Premium SMS or shortcode numbers must not be blocked on your plan.  There is no software and no app that needs to be installed on your phone. No need to download software to the user’s mobile phone. All you need is a normal mobile phone, and SMS. Make sure your premium SMS or shortcode phone number is not blocked on your plan.

Do I need a smartphone? Any mobile phone that is capable of using text messages can be used. However you can also give via our

Web giving service as well if you don't have a texting plan, but have a mobile phone by clicking Here.

Is the donation tax deductible? Yes, Hope Pregnancy Care Center is a 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.

What kind of receipt will I receive? You will receive a receipt via text message. At the end of the year, your donations will be included on the tax receipt letter and mailed to you.

Can I change the credit card I am using to a different credit card or just Opt-out? If your credit card information has changed, we’ve made it even easier to update it in your text giving system. By texting the word “Update” to the personal shortcode you received during the initial setup/registration, you will receive a text message prompt to update your payment information.  To opt-out of the text giving plan and have your information removed completely or to stop reoccurring donations, simply text the word 'Stop' to your secured shortcode. If you decide to opt-out and want to donate again, you will have to opt back in by Texting 'HPCC' to 444999 to receive a new personal giving shortcode.  Please Contact us with any questions you have regarding our text giving plan.


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